Gauhati University TDC 5th Semester History Notes

 GU 5th  Sem History Question and Answer Assamese Medium



HIS-HC-5016: History of Modern Europe- I (c. 1780-1939) 

Lectures : 5; Tutorial : 1 (per week)



Gerald Brennan: The Spanish Labyrinth: An Account of the Social and Political Background 

of the Civil War. 

C.M. Cipolla: Fontana Economic History of Europe, Volume III: The Industrial  Revolution. 

Norman Davies, Europe. 

J. Evans: The Foundations of a Modern State in 19th Century Europe. 

T.S. Hamerow: Restoration, Revolution and Reaction: Economics and Politics in Germany 

[1815 - 1871]. 

E.J. Hobsbawn: The Age of Revolution. 

Lynn Hunt: Politics, Culture and Class in the French Revolution. 

James Joll, Europe Since 1870. 

David Landes: Prometheus Unbound. 

George Lefebvre, Coming of the French Revolution. 

George Lichtheim : A Short History of Socialism. 

Peter Mathias, First Industrial Revolution. 

Alec Nove: An Economic History of the USSR. 

Andrew Porter, European Imperialism, 18760 û 1914 (1994). 

Anthony Wood, History of Europe, 1815 û 1960 (1983). 

Stuart Woolf: History of Italy, 1700 û 1860. 

G. Barraclough, An Introduction to Contemporary History. 

Fernand Braudel, History and the Social Science in M. Aymard and H. Mukhia Ed. French Studies in History, Vol. I (1989). 

Maurice Dobb: Soviet Economic Development Since 1917. 

M. Perrot and G. Duby [eds.]: A History of Women in the West, Volumes 4 and 5. 

H.J. Hanham; Nineteenth Century Constitution, 1815 - 1914. 

E.J. Hobsbawm, Nations and Nationalism. 

Charles and Barbara Jelavich: Establishment of the Balkan National States, 1840 û 1920. 

James Joll, Origins of the First World war (1989). 

Jaon B. Landes: Women and the Public Sphere in the Age of the French Revolution. 

David lowenthal, The Past is a Foreign Country. 

Colin Licas: The French Revolution and the Making of Modern Political Culture, Volume 

Nicholas Mansergh: The Irish Question, 1840 û 1921. 

K.O. Morgan: Oxford Illustrated History of Britain, Volume 3 [1789 -1983]. 

R.P. Morgan: German Social Democracy and the First International. 

N.V. Riasanovsky: A History of Russia. 

J.M. Robert, Europe 1880 û 1985. 

J.J. Roth (ed.), World War I : A Turning Point in Modern History. 

Albert Soboul: History of the French Revolution (in two volumes). 

Lawrence Stone, History and the Social Sciences in the Twentieth Century The Past and the 

Present (1981). 

Dorothy Thompson: Chartists: Popular Politics in the Industrial Revolution. 

E.P. Thompson: Making of the English Working Class. 

Michel Vovelle, fall of the French Monarchy (1984). 

H. Seton Watson: The Russian Empire. 

Raymond Williams: Culture and Society.



HIS-HC-5026 : HISTORY OF INDIA VII (c. 1780 - 1857) 

Lectures : 5; Tutorial : 1 (per week)



C. A. Bayly, Indian Society and the Making of the British Empire, : New Cambridge History 

of India. 

Bipan Chandra, Rise and Growth of Economic Nationalism in India. 

Suhash Chakravarty, The Raj Syndrome: A Study in Imperial Perceptions, 1989. 

J.S. Grewal, The Sikhs of the Punjab, New Cambridge History of India 

Ranajit Guha, ed., A Subaltern Studies Reader. 

Dharma Kumar and Tapan Raychaudhuri, eds., The Cambridge Economic History of India, 

Vol. II. 

P.J. Marshall, Bengal: The British Bridgehead, New Cambridge History of India. 

R.C. Majumdar, ed., History and Culture of Indian People, Vols. IX 

and X. British Paramountcy and Indian Renaissance. 

Rajat K. Ray, ed., Entrepreneurship and Industry in India, 1800- 

1947, Oxford In India Readings. 

Eric Stokes, English Utilitarians and India. 

Amiya Bagchi, Private Investment in India. 

Bipan Chandra, K.N. Panikkar, Mridula Mukherjee, Sucheta Mahajan 

and Aditya Mukherjee, India’s Struggles for Independence. 

A.R. Desai, Peasant Struggles in India. 

R.P. Dutt, India today. 

M.J. Fisher, ed., Politics of Annexation (Oxford in India Readings). 

Ranajit Guha, Elementary Aspects of Peasant Insurgency in Colonial India (1983). 

P.C. Joshi, Rebellion 1857: A Symposium. 

J.Krishnamurti, Women in Colonial India. 

Dadabhai Naroji, Poverty and Un-British Rule in India.


লেখকৰ সুবিধা অনুসৰি কিতাপখনৰ প্ৰশ্ন আৰু উত্তৰ দিয়া হোৱা নাই । যদি প্ৰশ্ন আৰু উত্তৰ লাগে আমাৰ MODEL BOOKS CILCK  কৰক MODEL BOOKS 





অসমৰ ইতিহাস


অসমৰ ইতিহাস

History Of Assam



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GU BA 5th Sem History Question Answer

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ভাৰতৰ ইতিহাস History of India


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