1. I have never seen a crocodile.

Ans: Do you have ever seen a crocodile?

2. It is very dangerous animal.

Ans: Is it very dangerous animal?

3. He is so weak that he cannot walk.

Ans: Is he weak to walk?

4. She likes to read stories.

Ans: Does she likes to read stories?

5. Rose is the most beautiful flower.

Ans: What is the most beautiful flower?

6. He is so old that he cannot work any more.

Ans: Is he old to do work?

7. They are playing cricket.

Ans: What are they doing?

8. The box is too heavy for me to lift.

Ans: Is the box heavy to lift?

9. Open the window.

Ans: Will you open the door?

10. He is too weak to carry the box.

Ans: Is he weak to carry the box?

11. The ministers came here to deliver a lacture.

Ans: Why had the minister came?

12. My father walks every morning.

Ans: Is my father walk every month?

13. He came to school yesterday.

Ans: Did he had came to school the day before?

14. There is nobody in the classroom.

Ans: Is there anybody in the classroom?

15. Asia is the largest continent in the world.

Ans: What is the largest continent in the world?

16. I know his history.

Ans: Do I know his History?

17. He came here to play cricket.

Ans: Why did he came here?

18. The patient is so weak that he cannot move even.

Ans: Is the patient is weak to move?

19. As he was tired, he refused to go.

Ans: When he refuse to go?

20. The boy Thought of a plan.

Ans: What did the boy think?

21. I don't know the meaning of the word.

Ans: Do I know the meaning of the word?

22. Only he can do it.

Ans: Who can do it?

23. The man did the work sincerely.

Ans: How did the man work?

24. Only an old man was present there.

Ans: Who was present there?

25. She meet him last week.

Ans: When she meet him?

26. Bina wrote a latter.

Ans: What was written by Bina?

27. He knows how to make a boat.

Ans: Did he know how to make a boat?

28. Rina took the pen from Bina.

Ans: From whom had Rina taken the pen?

29. He is poor but honest.

Ans: What kind of people he is?

30. The best player caught the ball nicely.

Ans: Who catch the ball?

31. The Headmasters dismissed the class.

Ans: Who dismissed the class?

32. He does his duties regularly.

Ans: Is he does his duties regularly?

33. I can never forget you.

Ans: Can I ever forgot you?

34. What a clever man he is!


35. The boy is too weak to run.

Ans: Is the boy is weak to run?

36. Rana attended the meeting.

Ans: Did Rana attended the meeting?

37. Karim bought a hen.

Ans: What did Karim buy?

38. Rajiv wants her sister to go.

Ans: What was Rajiv want?

- Hiru Moni Bora