Chose the appropriate prepositions from those given in the brackets and fill in the blanks.

1. (a) Distribute the mangos ______ these ten boys. (between/among/in)

    (b) We are not satisfied ______ your work.

    (c) The lady is blind _____ the fault of her son. (of/to/at)

    (d) They will have finished the work ______ Sunday next. (on/in/by)

    (e) Please apply _____ the Principal. (for/to/with)

    (f) What are you asking ____? (for/to/by)

2. (a) Send the reply ____ post. (to/for/by)

    (b) Don't be angry _____ me. (at/with/of)

    (c) He lives ____ hand to mouth. (by/from/with)

    (d) Please convey the massage ____ all. (to/for/from)

    (e) We are not interested ____ you stay.(in/by/with)

    (f) The car ran _____ the goat. (with/along/over)

3. (a) Death is cammon _____ all. (to/in/about)

   (b) He always runs ____ money. (for/towards/after)

   (c) The hunter aimed ____ the animal. (to/at/for)

   (d) Students lomg _____ hilidays. (about/upon/for)

   (e) Hard labour told ____ his health. (about/upon/for)

   (f) The boat is sailing ____ the river. (over/along/across)

4. (a) It has been raining _____ the whole day. (since/for/till)

    (b) Today is February 28 _____ 2009. (by/of/on)

    (c)  Happiness consists _____ speaking the truth. (in/of/at)

    (d) There is no one to take care ____ the old lady. (for/of/with)

    (e) We should not boast ____ our wealth. (at/of/to)

    (f) The junior ____ me. (to/by/for)

5. (a) This house consist ____ five rooms. (on/of/with)

    (b) The sky is ___ our heads. (on/over/above)

    (c) Distribute these mangoes _____ all the boys.                


    (d) Cows live ____ grass. (by/with/on)

    (e) A greedy man always hankers ____ money. (in/after/for)

    (f) Do you agree ____ my proposal? (at/to/with)

6. (a) Our class teacher is ___ leave. (at/on/by)

    (b) He was appointed ____ the post. (to/for/in)

    (c) Shoes are made ___ leather. (of/from/with)

    (d) Butter is made ____ milk. (of/with/from)

    (e) He died ____ the accident. (in/at/by)

7. (a) He lives _____ begging.(by/at/on)

    (b) Do not hanker ____ wealth. (for/after/by)

    (c) China is ____ the north of India. (to/on/in)

    (d) He went to Guwahati ____ bus. (in/by/for)

    (e) I bought the pen ____ twenty rupees. (in/by/for)

    (f) He deals very nicely _____ customers. (to/with/in)

8. (a) The man returned _____ abroad. (on/from/to)

    (b) I saw him leaving _____ the wall. (on/over/to)

    (c) She was not present ____ the class. (in/at/for)

    (d) Does the bus stop _____ the station? (in/at/on)  

    (e) There is a bridge _____ the river. (on/over/at)

    (f) The boy has not quite recovered _____ illness. (by/from/of)

9. (a) The birds are flying _____ the bridge. (on/over/at)

    (b) His father died _____ malaria. (from/ of/by)

    (c) This table is made _____ wood. (of/from/with)

    (d) Youth of man is compared _____ the spring season.  (of/


    (e) I do not believe _____ his honestly. (in/on/with)

    (f) You must care _____ your parents. (for/to/of)

10. (a) The Police found a clue _____ the murder. (to/of/for)

      (b) The Doctor is not _____ home. (for/to/of)

      (c) He was appointed _____ the post. (to/in/of)

      (d) Rabi is _____ Babul and Abdul. (among/between/across)

      (e) He was sure _____ success. (of/in/for)

      (f) She gets up _____ dawn. (in/at/by)

11. (a) Why are you angry _____ me? (to/at/with)

      (b) The poor man lives _____ begging. (by/on/from)

      (c) Smoking is injurious _____ health. (for/to/with)

      (d) We are _____ our eyes. (by/in/with)

      (c) We have faith _____ God. (in/of/for)

      (f) Raben does not believe _____ ghosts. (at/on/in)

12. (a) The father has no control _____ his son. (on/over/upon)

      (b) The teacher was angry _____ his conduct. (with/at/to)

      (c) He entrusted me _____ the latter. (with/on/upon)

      (d) I sent the latter _____ hand. (by/with/in) 

      (e) The students were sitting _____ their desks. (by/in/at)

      (f) He often suffers _____ illness. (in/from/with)

13. (a) The story was written _____ red ink. (with/in/by)

      (b) The beggar was blind _____ one eye. (at/by/with)

      (c) I shall look _____ the complaint. (for/about/into)

      (d) The boy is weak _____ English. (in/at/of)

      (e) Who are you waiting _____? (to/for/by)

      (f) The boy was convicted _____ theft. (for/from/of)

14. (a) You cannot rely _____ liar. (in/on/of)

      (b) Do not boast _____ your wealth. (in/for/of)

      (c) Many people died _____ cancer. (in/from/of)

      (d) Silk worms thrive _____ mulberry trees. (in/on/over)

      (e) I warned him _____ driving so fast. (for/on/against)


15. (a) She is good _____ music. (in/at/for)

      (b) Steel is made _____ iron ores. (of/from/by)

      (c) We are proud _____ our country. (for/with/of) 

      (d) He is eligible _____ the post. (for/at/of)

      (e) He did not comply _____ request. (to/with/in)

      (f) Father was very angry _____ my misconduct. (with/at/in)

16. (a) Give me a pen to write _____. (by/with/into)

      (b) Our class is divided _____ two sections. (in/into/to) 

      (c) You should have regards _____ your elders. (to/by/for)

      (d) Anger is compared _____ fire. (to/with/into)

      (e) Our school is _____ the main road. (on/in/at)

      (f) The man died _____ taking poison. (for/by/of)

17. (a) He does not take proper care _____ his books. (to/for/of)

      (b) He will never agree _____ my proposal. (to/with/at)

      (c) Ramen deals _____ tea. (in/with/at)

      (d) He goes to school _____ foot. (by/on/with)

      (e) I want to discuss the matter _____ you. (to/with/for)

      (f) A nurse attends _____ the patient. (on/at/upon)

18. (a) He wrote the latter _____ ink. (in/with/by)

      (b) She comes _____ a good family. (of/off/of)

      (c) Her husbands was again absorbed _____ his newspaper.


      (d) Happiness does not consist _____ being merely wealthy.


      (e) For information you should apply the secretary. (for/to/at)

      (f) He was not satisfied _____ my conduct. (at/for/with)


19. (a) Success depends _____ how you work. (on/upon/at)

      (b) We should carry _____ the orders of our posts.


      (c) What is the time _____ your watch? (at/with/by)

      (d) Tobacco is injurious _____ health. (for/to/an)

      (e) Headmaster will preside _____ the meeting. (over/at/on)

      (f) Please don't break in _____ our conversation. 


20. (a) You can meet me _____ Sunday. (at/in/on)

      (b) Always beware _____ false friends. (from/of/with)

      (c) The old man died _____ overwork. (of/from/by)

      (d) He has no taste _____ music. (of/for/in)

      (e) Which hand do you write _____ ? (with/by/on)

      (f) The hunter killed the tiger _____ his gun. (by/with/at)

Type: Hirak Jyoti Bora.