Voice Class 9 & 10 English Grammar Assamese medium Solution | নৱম আৰু দশম মান শ্ৰেণী ইংৰাজী ব্যাকৰণ সমাধান  | 


1. That boy is known to me.

I know the boy.

2. The dead body was removed from the street.

They removed the dead body from the street.

3. Rose is called the queen of flowers.

People call the rose the queen of flower.

4. The bridge was repaired.

The workers repaired the bridge.

5. It will be published by him.

He will publish it.

6. The President is selected by the members.

The members select the president.

7. He was invited to the meeting.

We invited him to the meeting.

8. His address is not known to me.

I do not know his address.

9. A fine chair has made by him.

He make a fine chair. 

10. English is spoken all over the would.

People speak English all over the World.

11. The answer must be written in ink.

Student will must write the answer with ink.

12. The thief is being caught by the police.

The police catches the thief.

13. The thief will be caught by the policeman.

The police will catch the thief.

14. Let the boy be told to get in.


15. They have been invited to the function.

We have invite them to the function.

16. His behaviour displeased me.

17. I was invited to the party.

They invited me to the party.

18. The letters are being delivered by the postman.

The postman is being deliver the letters.

19. A letter was being written by the girl.

The girl was writing a letter.

20. Letters are delivered in the morning.

The postman delivers the letters in the morning.

21. By whom was the letter posted?

Who posted the letter?

22. He was made captain of our class.

We made him captain of our class.

23. It is regretted very much that we shall hear his voice no more.


24. By whom was the window broken?

Who broke the window?

25. A letter was being written by Pinki.

Pinki was writing a letter.

26. My pen has been stolen.

Someone has stolen my pen.

27. The work had been done by him.

He had done the work.

28. The book will be read by me.

I will read the book.

29. Accidents are caused by carelessness.

Carelessness causes accidents.

30. We were satisfied at his behaviour.

His behaviour satisfied us.

31. Gandhi is called the father of the nation.

People call Gandhi the father of the nation.

32. I am loved by my parents.

My parents love me.

33. The work has been done by Rita.

Rita has done the work. 

34. A story is being read by my teacher.

My teacher is reading a story.

35. The Gentleman is known to me well.

I know the gentleman well.

- Hiru Moni Bora

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