Ask a Question 

1. The train left the station at 7 P.M. (using 'when')

Ans: When the train leave the station?

2. Guwahati is the biggest town in Assam.

Ans: Which is the biggest town in Assam?

3. I am fifteen years old.

Ans: What is your age?

4. Swimming is a good exercise. 

Ans: What is a good exercise? 

5. He is hard working.

Ans: What kind of people he is?

6. My friend gave me an apple.

Ans: Who gave you an apple?

7. The boy in the class is Ram.

Ans: Who is the boy in the class?

8. We have completed the arrangements for the fair.

Ans: Who completed the arrangement of fair?

9. He will stay here for a month. (using- 'how long')

Ans: How long will he stay here?

10. I do not like tea.

Ans: Do you like tea?

11. Rakhi went to Shillong last year.

Ans: When did Rakhi went to Shillong?

12. The weight of cricket ball is 160 grams.

Ans: What is the weight of the cricket ball?

13. The book costs thirty rupees. (using- 'how much')

Ans: How much the cost of the book?

14. I want to know it.

Ans: Do you want to know it?

15. A gate stands in front of our school.

Ans: What is stands in front of our school?

16. I spent ten thousand rupees for repairing this part of the building.

Ans: How much you have spent for repairing the part of this building?

17. The Education Minister inaugurated the school building.

Ans: Who inaugurated the school building?

18. It is very hot.

Ans: Is it hot?

19. My father is a pleader.

Ans: What does you father do?

20. The bird is very small.


- Hiru Moni Bora