बर' स्वौरां

बर' स्वौरां

बर' स्वौरां

BORO KHOURANG: A mouth-piece Published by the Dularai Bathou Gouthum on the Occasion of 12nd Trinal Conference, Lanhin Town, Karbi Anglong, Assam held on 12th & 13th February, 2021.



: Mantu Mochahari, President, ABM

: Phulicharan Basumatary, Vice-President, ABM

: Lohit Daimary, Vice-President, ABM

Chairman : Dr. Liladhar Brahma

Chief Editor

Muluk Mung Bahum Basumatary


: Guneswar Swargiary

: Sukladhar Swargiary

Price : 150.00 (Rupees One Hundred fifty Only)

DTP, Layout & Cover design: Pradip Barua & Karuna Kt. Boro

Type Setting & Printed at:

Royal Graphics Point, Goreswar, Baksa

Cell: 86383 17740

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