Chapter - 13 

Graphics In Qbasic 

Exercises :

1. Fill in the blanks.

a. Screen statement sets the _________ Mode . 

text | graphics

b. Screen is made up of picture elements called ___________ 

pixels | dots

C. Screen 1 statement specifies ___________ resolution graphics mode.

high | medium

d. Your computer can broadly support two graphics mode: ____________  graphics mode. And ________   graphics mode.

low | medium | high

e. With ____________  statement, you can move around the screen and draw lines along the way.


f. D, R, U, L statements are the _____________ graphic statements.

straight | diagonal

g. LINE statement lets us draw a line between two ______________ 

points | pixels 

h. The __________ Statement Is Used to Set The Foreground And The Background Colour On The Screen .

Colour | Paint 

i. The PAINT statement fills ____________

Shapes | Lines 

j. Screen 2 statement is used to invoke the _____________ Screen . 

High resolution Graphics | Medium resolution Graphics |

2. Write T for true and F for false.

a. Screen 1 Statement returns The Mode To Text Mode .

b. PIXEL stands for Picture Excellent.

c. There are 840 columns and 200 rows in high resolution graphics mode.

d. Draw "R50" instructs the pointer to draw 50 units in the Right direction. 

e. Paint statement is used to fill a figure with colour. 

3. Finish the sentences.

a. Before you can show graphics images on the screen, you must call the _____________________________________________________________

b. Draw statement __________________________________________________

c. CIRCLE (100, 120), 100, 15 will draw __________________________________

d. The coordinates written after the PAINT statement can represent _______________________________________________________________________

e. COLOR statement takes in two numbers that signity ___________________________________

4. Give short answers.

a. What is the purpose of Graphics in QBASIC?

Answer :

b. Define pixel.

Answer :

c. Distinguish between High resolution graphics screen and Medium resolution graphics screen. 

Answer :

d. How is the High resolution graphics screen mode set in QBASIC?

Answer :

e. How is the screen mode changed to Text mode?

Answer :

f. Write the purpose of the Line statement. How do you indicate the coordinates of Line?

Answer :

g. How do you set foreground and background colours in QBASIC?

Answer :

5. Do This Activity a partner .

a. Write Statements to 

i. Draw A line Of 30 Unit In The Right Direction 

ii. Set The Foreground Colour As Blue And Background Colour As Yellow.

iii. Draw A line Starting From Upper Left Corner to Center Of The Screen .

b. Write The Output Of the Following programs 

i. 10 cls 

20 Screen 1

30 Draw " U50 R50 U40 R50 "

ii. 10 Cls 

20 Screen 1

30 Draw " e20 G20 G20 H20 F20 U20 H40 E40 F40 G40

40 End 

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