Class 11 English Chapter 3 Answer | Discovering Tut: The Saga Continues (Assamese Medium)

 Understanding the text 

Textual Question-Answers understanding the text 

(i) king tuts body has been subjected to repeated  scrutiny. 

Ans : King tut died very young when he was only a teenager.  His untimely death gave rise to many  Speculations. To find out the mystery of his untimely death, his body had been subjected to repeated scrutiny. 

(ii)  Howard carter's investigation was resented.  

Ans: In 1922 King Tuts tomb and his mummy were discovered by Howard carter, an English archeologist. Being unable to lift the body of tut out of hardening resins, Howard Carter used chisel and brought the body out of resins by cutting head  and other major joints. resultantly tuts body had got damaged. that is why Howard's  investigation was resented.

(iii) carter had to chisel away the solidified resins to raise the king remains.   

Ans: In the ritual burial of king tut, resins were used round the corpse. For using resins tuts mummy had been cemented to the bottom of the coffin. to loose the resins, carter put the mummy into the scorching heat of the sun. but the mummy did knot get loose. finally, Howard Carter had to chisel away the solidified resins to set mummy free for scrutiny.

 (iv) tuts  body was buried along with gilded treasures. 

Ans : During tuts time the royal family was extremely wealthy. they believed in rebirth. therefore tuts body was burier along with gilded treasures.   

(v) The boy king changed his name form Tutankhaten to Tutankhamun.

 Ans: Amon was the chief god of ancient Egypt but his name and temple was demolished by an earlier king called Amenhotep. he initiated the worshipping of Aten, the sun god. But when tut became king, he tried to restore the old order of worshipping and amen was revived. so to keep a legend behind him, he changed his name from Tutankhaten to Tutankhamun-meaning 'the living image of amen'.

2. (i) List the deeds that led ray Johnson to describe Akhenaten as "wacky".

Ans: There are some reasons for why  Ray Johnson called Akhenaten as 'wacky'- 

        Akhenaten's real name was Amenhotep IV. He had changed his name because he initiated to worshipping the sun god Aten. But to do this he had demolished all the temples of Amon and even shifted the religious capital of ancient Thebes to Akhenaten. He destroyed the image of amen after his whim.

      Because of such whimsical deeds Ray Johnson described him as 'wacky'.

  (ii) What were the results of the CT scan? 

Ans: The CT scan of tuts body revealed some wonderful images of his body on the computer screen. the images of this skull, ribs and hands appeared clearly which helped in solving mysteries rounding the life and death of the boy king. 

(iii) List the advances in technology that have improved forensic analysis.

Ans: Technology has advanced a lot to held forensic analysis of a thing more easily. CT scan (computerized Tomography) is such a modern contribution of advanced technology. CT scan is used to take handed of x-rays in cross section. there x-rays are put together like slices of bread to create three dimensional virtual body.

(iv) Explain the statement, 'king tut is one of the first mummies to be scanned -in death, as in life..."

Ans: King tuts mummy was one of the first mummies to be his status and position, during his life time, was above all, so he became the first after his death to undergo a Ct scan. the main aim of the CT scan of  his body was to reveal how and when the young king had died.


Q.1. Who was Amenhotep III? Write about him.

Ans: Amenhotep III is assumed to be the father or grandfather of Tutankhamun, the boy king. He was a very powerful pharaoh. He ruled Egypt for almost forty years with glory.

Q.2. What were the mysteries associated with tut-both about his lift and death?

Ans: Tut  was the lost descendent of a powerful royal family of Egypt. the family to which he belonged ruled Egypt for many centuries. Tut became the king of Egypt at an early age and ruled his kingdom for nine years. He tried to restore the old system of belief and religious order. He rehabilitated the dethroned god Amon And he himself took the name of Tutankhamun that meant 'the living image of Amon'. he ruled Egypt with glory and with a powerful hand. But he died in his teens.

     Tutankhamun's life and death-both are shrouded in mystery. He was famous as a boy king but details of his lift and death are not clearly available. it is suspected that he might have been murdered. the archeologists have been trying to find out the mystery behind his lift and death. hence his dead body underwent many scrutinizes  which has revealed some strange facts about him.

Question & Answer type by- Purnima Kakati