I am a Little Penguin

1. What color is the penguin?

(a) Black and white 

(b) Brown and orange

(c) Yellow and blue

(d) Pink and purple

Answer - (a) Black and white 

2. Where does the penguin live?

(a) Forest

(b) Desert

(c) Snow 

(d) Jungle

Answer - (c) Snow

3. What does the penguin eat?

(a) Leaves

(b) Insects

(c) Fish 

(d) Pizza

Answer - (c) Fish

4. How does the penguin move on land?

(a) Hops

(b) Slides on its belly 

(c) Flies

(d) Swims

Answer - (b) Slides on its belly 

5. What is the deep blue sea in the poem?

(a) Sky

(b) Ocean 

(c) River

(d) Lake

Answer - (b) Ocean

6. What is the mood of the poem?

(a) Sad

(b) Angry

(c) Happy 

(d) Scared

Answer - (c) Happy

7. What is a synonym for "zipping" in the poem?

(a) Crawling

(b) Skipping

(c) Zooming 

(d) Walking

Answer - (c) Zooming

8. What is a rhyme for "sea" in the poem?

(a) Tree

(b) Free 

(c) Bee

(d) Me

Answer - (b) Free

9. What is the main idea of the poem?

(a) Penguins are clumsy.

(b) Penguins are delicious.

(c) Penguins are fun-loving creatures. 

(d) Penguins are dangerous.

Answer - (c) Penguins are fun-loving creatures. 

10. What is the author's purpose in writing this poem?

(a) To teach us about penguins.

(b) To make us laugh.

(c) To share the joy of winter. 

(d) To warn us about the dangers of the sea.

Answer - (c) To share the joy of winter.

Answer Type - Boby Bora