Pobitora Calling 

1. Where is Sagar planning to go for the winter vacation?

a) Shillong only 

b) Shillong and Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary 

c) Guwahati only 

d) They haven't decided yet

Answer -  b) Shillong and Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

2. What is the main reason Karabi cannot go outside Guwahati?

a) She doesn't want to.

b) Her parents are busy with work.

c) She has other plans.

d) She doesn't like traveling.

Answer - b) Her parents are busy with work.

3. Which animal is NOT found in Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary?

a) One-horned rhinoceros 

b) Tiger

c) Wild boar 

d) Asian palm civet

Answer - b) Tiger

4. How far is Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary from Guwahati?

a) About 10 kilometers

 b) About 30 kilometers 

c) About 48 kilometers

 d) More than 100 kilometers

Answer -  c) About 48 kilometers

5. What type of transportation can be used to reach Pobitora?

a) Train only 

b) Car or bus only 

c) Both car/bus and train 

d) Any mode of transportation

Answer -  b) Car or bus only 

6. Which migratory birds can be seen in Pobitora?

 a) The story doesn't specify. 

b) Only local birds are found there.

 c) Birds from other parts of India. 

d) Birds from outside India and within India.

Answer - d) Birds from outside India and within India.

7. What is Sagar's knowledge about birds like?

 a) He knows very little.

 b) He knows some common bird names.

 c) He is an expert on bird identification. 

d) The story doesn't mention his knowledge of birds.

Answer -  b) He knows some common bird names. 

8. What activity can visitors do in Pobitora that Karabi is excited about?

 a) Hiking through the forest

b) Camping overnight

 c) Riding on elephants

 d) Visiting a museum

Answer - c) Riding on elephants

9. Another option for exploring the sanctuary besides elephant rides is?

a) Boat safari 

b) Ziplining 

c) Jeep safari 

d) Horseback riding

Answer - c) Jeep safari

10. What does Karabi plan to do about joining Sagar's trip?

 a) Decline the invitation immediately.

 b) Ask her parents for permission without enthusiasm.

 c) Secretly pack her bags and run away. 

d) Ask her parents with hope and optimism.

Answer - d) Ask her parents with hope and optimism.

11. What potential benefit could Karabi gain from this trip?

a) Learning about a new culture

 b) Spending time with friends 

c) Deepening her appreciation for nature

 d) All of the above

Answer - d) All of the above

12. Does Karabi seem to feel a connection to her home state of Assam?

 a) The story doesn't provide enough information to answer.

 b) No, she expresses a desire to travel elsewhere. 

c) Yes, she shows excitement about exploring Pobitora. 

d) Yes, she mentions her father's knowledge of local birds.

Answer - c) Yes, she shows excitement about exploring Pobitora.

13. Which statement best describes Karabi's initial reaction to Sagar's plans?

a) Jealous and disappointed 

b) Indifferent and uninterested

 c) Curious and intrigued

 d) Sad and heartbroken

Answer - c) Curious and intrigued

14. What is the main conflict Karabi faces in the story? 

 a) Deciding between two vacation destinations

 b) Choosing between staying home or joining Sagar's trip 

c) Convincing her parents to let her go on the trip

 d) Facing a fear of wild animals

Answer - c) Convincing her parents to let her go on the trip 

Answer Type - Boby Bora