Thank You God

1. Who is thanked in the poem?

(a) Mother

(b) Teacher

(c) God

(d) friend

Answer: (c) God

2. What is the speaker thankful for?

(a) The beauty of the world

(b) The food we have

(c) The song of birds

(d) Everything

Answer: (d) Everything

3. How many times is "Thank You" said in the poem?

(a) 4

(b) 5

(c) 6

(d) 7

Answer: (a) 4

4. What is the rhyme scheme of the poem?

(a) AABB

(b) ABAB

(c) ABAC

(d) ABCB

Answer: (b) ABAB

5. What is the tone of the poem?

(a) Sad

(b) Angry

(c) Grateful

(d) Excited

Answer: (c) Grateful

6. Who is most likely the speaker of the poem?

(a) An adult

(b) A child

(c) A religious leader

(d) A poet

Answer: (b) A child

7. What is the main message of the poem?

(a) We should complain about our problems.

(b) We should be grateful for what we have.

(c) We should focus on material wealth.

(d) We should only thank God on special occasions.

Answer: (b) We should be grateful for what we have.

8. What literary device is used in the phrase "world so sweet"?

(a) Alliteration

(b) Metaphor

(c) Simile

(d) Hyperbole

Answer: (c) Simile

9. What is the mood of the poem?

(a) Gloomy

(b) Cheerful

(c) Anxious

(d) Angry

Answer: (b) Cheerful

10. What feeling does the poem evoke in the reader?

(a) Fear

(b) Happiness

(c) Sadness

(d) Anger

Answer: (b) Happiness

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