1. Where do the tulips grow?

a) In the house

b) In the field

c) In the garden

d) In the forest

Answer - c) In the garden

2. How are the tulips described?

a) Short and red

b) Tall and white

c) Straight and golden

d) Crooked and purple

Answer - c) Straight and golden

3. What do the tulips hold?

a) Seeds

b) Birds' nests

c) Empty cups

d) Colorful balls

Answer - c) Empty cups

4. What does the phrase "drinking rain and sunshine up" mean?

a) The tulips are thirsty.

b) The tulips are growing.

c) The tulips are singing.

d) The tulips are dancing.

Answer - b) The tulips are growing.

5. Which word best describes the overall feeling of the poem?

a) Sad

b) Angry

c) Happy

d) Scared

Answer - c) Happy

6. What literary device is used in the line "Each one holds its empty cup"?

a) Personification

b) Simile

c) Metaphor

d) Onomatopoeia

Answer - a) Personification

7. What is the rhyme scheme of the poem?





Answer - b) ABAB

8. What is the meter of the poem?

a) Iambic pentameter

b) Trochaic tetrameter

c) Dactylic hexameter

d) Anapestic dimeter

Answer - d) Anapestic dimeter

9. What is the tone of the poem?

a) Formal

b) Casual

c) Sarcastic

d) Dramatic

Answer - b) Casual

10. What is the main theme of the poem?

a) The importance of rain

b) The beauty of nature

c) The cycle of life

d) The power of sunlight

Answer - b) The beauty of nature

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