1. The Coral Island

2. How it Happened

3. I Want to Write

4. Seasons and Time

5. On the Way to Pretoria

6. The Boy, the Dog and the Spaceship

7. Evening: Ponte Al Mare, Pisa

8. Night Journey

9. The Taste of Watermelon

10. After Twenty Years

11. At The Railway Station, Upways

12. The Money Box

13. Petals

14. The Absent-minded Man

15. In A Disused Graveyard

16. Grammar

Transformation of Sentences

Synthesis of Sentences

Analysis of Sentences

Reporting a Conversation

Figures of Speech

Phrasal Verbs and Idiomatic Expressions

17. Composition

Précis Writing

Paraphrasing a Poem

Essay Writing

Model Questions

Teachers’ Guidelines