Gauhati University BA 6th Semester History Major Model 

GU 6th Sem History Major  Suggestion, Question and Answer, Notes, Solution Assamese Medium


লেখকৰ সুবিধা অনুসৰি কিতাপখনৰ তথ্য দিয়া হোৱা নাই । কিতাপ খন দোকানৰ পৰা কিনি লওক।

English Medium Books--

Philosophy of Mind 

J R Searle Mind, A brief introduction

J Heil:    Philosophy of Mind (Books 1)

J Heil:    Philosophy of Mind (Books 2)

Ryle, Gilbert:   The Concept of Mind

JJC, Smart:   “Sensation and Brain Process” in the Nature of Mind by   D Rosenthal

J Vassey:   Personal Identity 

B. Williams:   Problem of Self 


Semester VI 


Meta Ethic


Books Recommended: 

Ayer, A.J.:   Language, Truth and Logic 

Chakravary, D.K.:   Problems of Analytic Ethics 

Hare, R.M.   The Language of Morals 

Miller, Alex:   An Introduction to Contemporary Metaethics 

Moore, G.E.:   Principia Ethica 

Roojen, M.V.:   Metaethics: A Contemporary Introduction 

Stevenson, C.L.    Ethics and Language 

Warnock, G.J:   Contemporary Moral Philosophy 

Warnock, M.   Ethics since 1900



Semester VI 


Western Philosophy (Textual Study)


Books Recommended: 

Plato: Republic 

Hegel: The Preface to the Phenomenology of Spirit 

Wittgenstein: Philosophical Investigation 

Sartre: Existentialism and Humanism


Semester VI 


Philosophy of Language


Books Recommended....


Alston, William P.   Philosophy of Language 

Austin, J. L.    How to Do Things with Words 

Devitt M. & Richard Hanley (ed.) The Blackwell Guide to Philosophy of Language  

Frege, Gottlob      On Sense and Reference  

Lycan G.    Philosophy of Language: A Contemporary Introduction 

Russell, B.    On Denoting 

Searle, J. R.     Philosophy of Language  

Wittgenstein, L.    Philosophical Investigations (Relevant Sections



Semester VI 


Applied Ethics 


Books Recommended: 

Hizza, Joseph M.:   Computer Network Security and Cyber Ethics 

Holmes, R.L. :   Introduction to Applied Ethics 

Holmes R. & Andrew L.: Environmental Ethics: An Anthology 

Lucas, G.:   Ethics and Cyber Warfare 

Singer, P.:    Applied Ethics 

Yogi, Manasvini M.:  Euthanasia: Its Moral Implication


Assamese Medium Books--

হেমন্ত কুমাৰ ৰায় - মনোদৰ্শন




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